Scuba Diving and Yoga Adventure - March 7-14, 2009 - Dominica

Diving Soufriere Bay and Scotts Head — Adventure under water

Below is a map of our dive sites. Click on any of the red pins for our overall rating of the dive site. The red track is the route we took between Jungle Bay and Nature Island Dive—a 15-mile drive that took an hour because of the narrow winding roads. Having an hour to relax and enjoy the scenery on the way there, and an hour to chat with everyone about the dives on the way back to Jungle Bay actually worked quite well. Because we can't talk under water, it's great to have an hour of time immediately afterward to share stories about what we loved about each dive.

Dominica is extremely mountainous, so I was concerned about ascending to altitude during the drives back to Jungle Bay. However, the highest point on the route is in the town of Bellevue Chopin with an elevation of about 1,700 feet. The time it took us to boat back, rinse off and get settled after the dives was usually about an hour—enough time to decompress so our route back would be safe. I had a backup plan, though, so that if any of us had blown a deco stop or made a rapid ascent, we would have hung out in the town of Soufriere for a few hours before heading back.

Words cannot describe the beauty and wonder we encountered during our dives, which is why I posted high-res photos of our dives in Dominica.


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