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Staff Biographies

Todd Stedl

Lead Instructor

Todd Stedl (PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor #184495) began his professional dive career in 2002. He has worked with many dive instructors, incorporating the best of their techniques into his own philosophy of diving and dive instruction. See About Us for more information about that philosophy.

Todd earned his Ph.D. in computational chemistry in 2003. His passion for clearly explaining difficult concepts is illustrated on his web site about quantum mechanics (www.quantumintro.com), and he brings that passion into every dive class he teaches. His teaching experience encompasses a diverse range of students, from demonstrating basic scientific concepts to disabled preschool children, to teaching quantum mechanics to college chemistry majors. His work experience covers everything from flipping burgers and driving forklifts to managing people and projects at both large and small technology companies.

Todd has more than 200 dives and 100 hours of bottom time in the chilly waters of the Pacific Northwest and Northwest Montana. He loves diving in the Northwest but is eager to expand his number of dives in the clear blue waters of the tropics. His dive experience includes:

  • Helping panicked divers stay safe and getting them to gain composure under water.
  • Diving in conditions of zero visibility.
  • Wreck diving in British Columbia and the Caribbean.
  • Drift diving in both mild and strong currents, ranging to more than 4 knots.
  • Numerous night dives, boat dives, nitrox dives, and dives deeper than 100 feet.
  • Laughing so hard under water that his dive buddies could hear him 20 feet away.

Todd looks forward to diving with you and getting you to enjoy diving as much as he does.

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