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Dive Log Pages

We found that most dive log books didn't provide the information that students wanted to record about their dives. So we created our own log book pages. Frankly, we think they are the best ones available anywhere, and our students agree.

Our log book pages enable you to easily record important information about the dive that isn't recorded by your dive computer, such as weather, water conditions, bottom type, visibility, weight distribution, and tank size.

Previously, these log book pages were available only to our students. But due to high demand from our students' dive buddies, we decided to make them available to everyone.

The log book pages come in two styles: Deluxe and Advanced. Click on the images below for a better sample image. The actual log book pages that you receive do not contain the watermark ("SAMPLE DO NOT COPY") and are much higher resolution.

Important shipping note: Please note that we are now shipping using CA Post and have had to increase shipping rates recently to reflect the new costs. Your shipping costs will be calculated at check out. Thank you.

You don't dive with substandard gear, so why settle for substandard logs?

Deluxe Log Book sample

Advanced Log Book Sample

Note--our log pages are currently unavailable online. Please contact us regarding any questions or comments about our dive log pages.

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