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for 8th Element Diving

"I received my "PADI Wheel RDP" today, and it is fantastic! Thanks a lot for the log pages included. I will recommend you for my scuba friends!"
--M.M. in Brazil, Apr 2010
"Well, this is a good thing that you and I have done. Iím sure there will be other Instructors later that this will help. Thanks again for bringing all of this to our attention." [D.W. and Todd convinced PADI that instructors with only Supervising Instructor insurance should still be able to teach non-diving courses. The change in policy was effective immediately.]
--D.W., Training Manager at PADI Americas, Jan 2010
"If I could go back in time I would do this trip again without hesitation. Great job!"
--2009 Adventure Trip participant (via anonymous feedback), Mar 2009
"This trip exceeded my expectations!"
--2009 Adventure Trip participant (via anonymous feedback), Mar 2009
"I think a great job was done to offer a variety of options. The efforts made to modify the schedule as a result of Sunday's weather were tremendous and greatly appreciated." [Sunday's dives had been canceled due to stormy seas, so we went hiking on Sunday, and Todd worked with the dive center to reschedule the missed dives for later in the week.]
--2009 Adventure Trip participant (via anonymous feedback), Mar 2009
"The log sheets just arrived. I really like the format. Thanks for the great service." [We provided 4-hour turnaround service and overnighted our dive log pages so the customer would have them before leaving for his dive vacation the next day.]
--J.S. in Fletcher, NC, Apr 2008
"I read about your book [Yoga for Scuba Divers] in the November issue of Dive Training magazine, and ordered it immediately. Thanks for integrating yoga and scuba practice so articulately."
--L.S. in Charlotte, NC, Nov 2007
"We, here at DAN, want to let you know that we are proud of you for publishing your new book, Yoga for Scuba Divers! It is always nice to see DAN members do well."
--Dan Orr, President and CEO of Divers Alert Network, Oct 2007
"One thing I really appreciate about you Todd is the fact that you are so confident in your teaching abilities that you will give a money back refund if not satisfied - I dare say that you've never had to refund any money."
--S.T. in Missoula, MT, Sep 2007
"Class was fun and I found it to be a learning experience for me [as a divemaster] as well as the students."
--K.C. in Missoula, MT, Sep 2007
"It was a pleasure speaking with you this morning regarding your comments and suggestions to improve PADI materials. Thank you for your time and effort. As we discussed, we will implement your suggestion for the Divemaster Manual in the 2008 revision."
--L.V., Educational Program Specialist at PADI Americas, Sep 2007
"I was thrilled with your teaching style and skill. I appreciated the way you handled situations that we did well and those done not so well. You were so encouraging when we did things right and helped us learn, in a positive way, the areas in which we needed work. You truly are a great teacher and I'm looking forward to the next class."
--S.T. in Missoula, MT, Sep 2007
"It was really great to dive train with you guys. I had an awesome time and would not have been able to imagine a better group to learn with."
--S.K. in Seattle, WA, Apr 2007
"I was impressed by your willingness to work with [Anonymous] early on Sunday and by the perseverance that you exhibited in troubleshooting [his/her] issues."
--L.C. in Seattle, WA, Apr 2007
"Thanks for believing in me that I could pass the scuba course. You guys are great!"
--C.S. in Seattle, WA, Apr 2007

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